Top 3 Hip Hop Albums We’d Like To See Come To Big Screen (Video)

23 Jul

We’ve long entertained a great idea of seeing some of Hip Hop’s most talented artist albums turning into movies and like any fresh idea you think is fresh, we hate be the barrier of bad news to tell you that there’s nothing new under the sun, only inspiration. Point and case given when IRV Gotti made Tales on BET, and Pusha T and several other Hip Hop artist turn their albums into movies, but did it hit the big screen?

First up on our top 3 albums we’d like to see on big screen is Jay Z‘s 444 album here’s why: Jay Z is a story teller and superb song writer who recently was inducted into the songwriters hall of fame back in 2017 alongside Babyface.

When you hear a Jay Z album your mind visualize the picture he’s painting through rhyme and his latest solo album 444 would make for great cinema whether he’s starring in it or an actor portraying him.

Second up on our top 3 albums we’d like to see on big screen is Royce Da 59 and here’s why: Like Jay Z, Royce is also a storyteller who reaches his audience by way of personal hardships he’s went through past, present and future and his latest solo album “Layers” would make good for cinema.

Third up on our top 3 Hip Hop albums we’d like to see on big screen is Mc Eight and here’s why: If you are from the east coast of the USA, Eiht Hype is one of the legends that gave you a crystal ball view of how it goes down on the west side. His critically acclaimed classic album “We Come Strapped” definitely gave you visuals while tuning in to those reality raps. You can also make the case for his latest album “Which Way IZ West” as well. Which Hip Hop album you’d like to see on big screen?