Joyner Lucas Pens A Heartfelt Letter To His Father!

25 May

The average rapper is most likely to speak on what’s personal to them in their hearts through song because that’s what artist do. It’s rare when you see rappers Like Joyner Lucas pen a heartfelt letter to his dad in a way that makes your heart warm if in fact you’re not a hater…lol The fact that he did it before Father’s Day is speaking volumes and I know his Father could not be prouder for his son today! Checkout Joyner’s letter to his dad below.

I remember being 15 and getting punched in my face when I got off the school bus, and that same night when I told you what happened, we drove to dudes crib so you can beat up his father. Lol knocked on his door for like 20 mins straight at 9pm. (This was the same year as the first picture)… You came in my life when I was 2 years old and you been there ever since. That was 1990. That means you was only 20. My mother had 2 kids. You raised me like I was yours biologically and to be honest, if I didn’t have you as a example of what a father is supposed to be then I probably wouldn’t be the father I am. You taught me how to fight, showed me my first gun, took me to the club at 15 years old for the first time and the strip clubs. Introduced me to the streets and showed me a lot of my firsts.

The reason for this is because you told me that you rather me be with you if I’m going to be exposed to it because with you I’m safe. You turned 50 years old today. Time flies man. You never been perfect and never claimed to be and always kept it real with me even when I was too young to understand. Thank you for stepping up and playing the role of my father. You always been genuinely happy and proud of my accomplishments. Never asked me for anything except to just be there to support. (The second picture is from the first day I bought my first Lamborghini). That was 2 years ago in 2019.

Coming from the life we had, we both ain’t never seen no shit like this or been in no Lambo. Lol I love this picture because I know how proud of me you was here. Cheers to 50 pops. You the realest nigga I know. love you