E-40 Talks New Album, Liquor, Longevity In Hip Hop And More!

22 Dec

E-40 stops by Big Boy TV to discuss his latest double album “The D-Boy Diary” which consist of over 40 + songs to keep his fans fed for the winter. There’s not a rapper we know in the game dead or alive that’s been consistent throughout their Hip Hop career like E-40. If you thought him having his own wines (Sluricane and Earl Stevens), his own beer (E-40), he has a brand new Tequila, vodka, and Whiskey coming in 2017.

If you’re fond of E-40 look from the neck up you do know he wears reading glasses right? Wrong. After 20 + years in the game, 40 revealed to Big Boy that those lenses he’s been rocking don’t have any medicine in them.

His reasoning for rocking the personality look comes from a certain swag that was largely popular in his neck of the woods once upon a time, so he stuck with it. A legendary MC like E-40 should be the blueprint for new rappers in the game today.

His catalog is insanely bonkers to the point if he was to retire today his grandkids kids will never have to work a single day in their lives. Check out 40ty-Water’s interview below, and let us know what you think.