Cassidy Announces New Album With Swizz Beatz (Video)

6 Jan

Cassidy killed a freestyle the other day on Shade45 with super producer Swizz Beatz, leaving no room for doubters who may have think he’s falling off. Today the Philadelphia native took to video to announce new album with Swizz Beatz titled “The Crook And The Theif” and both musicians are currently working on that project now. What mainstream rapper you know outside of Joe Budden, Keith Murray and Fredro Starr can step out of their mainstream comfort zone, step into today’s battle rap scene and make 250K + win the battle? Not too many.

Is it time to give Cassidy the respect as an elite MC he deserves? Well, 2017 Cassidy vows to bring back bars for fans who miss that element of Hip Hop. Check out his announcement below, and let us know what you think.