Restaurants Are Reopening But Struggling To Find Employees!

2 May

No one can argue that the beginning of year 2020 and dealing with the sudden change of how we normally operate in our society hasn’t been a challenge. The impact of Covid-19 not only laid off millions of workers but also caused businesses to close their doors. In recent months America finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel with a heavy roll-out of vaccines with over 100 Million people vaccinated.

So with great progress comes the ease of restrictions and businesses reopening, but the current problem is recruiting candidates in search of work to fill much needed slots.

Every businesses got a couple of weeks of lead time saying, ‘OK, now you can reopen,’ following a year of closures and project delays,” said Alice Cheng, CEO of Culinary Agents, which runs a job site for restaurants. “Everybody is hiring at the same exact time. That’s causing supply and demand issues right off the board.

Workers are looking at job postings, but not necessarily clicking or following through, she added.

Currently there’s still a lot of people out on unemployment or is active in finding a job, and what better time than now to give it your best shot? Read more here!