Why Am I Constantly Having Dreams Of Flying? (Video)

29 Aug

You’re probably looking at the image to this article while reading the headline saying to yourselves “Is he dreaming about being Superman?” and I’ll answer your question, no way..lol There’s a study documented on the web that male adults are more likely to have dreams about flying, but to me, I think it’s totally not normal to dream about these abilities. Since the beginning of 2016, I’ve been having constant dreams of going airborne whether I’m feeling threatened or showing off my flying skills.

From my own personal dream experience with flying, I’ll try to describe what it feels like for your brain to tell your body you can fly and actually do it. The subconsciousness of the brain is the lower part of your conscious mind in which both utilities are a reality.

Whenever I dream about flying there’s this unexplainable feeling in my stomach I get before taking off, and once I’m in the air the fear of heights brings me back down to the surface. So, I ask myself the question as to how is it that I’m afraid of heights but not flying? How long have these dreams occurred for me? At least 12-times this year alone. I can recall my first experience levitating 4ft above ground, and from there the real deal happened for me.

The one flying dream I remember the most is when I didn’t fear heights and ended up out of space but then I became fearful again..lol To fly out of the earth under your own brainpower is quite the ability to die for, but once you see all of that dark space I think you’ll clack your red glittery heels together like Dorthy and chant “There’s No Place Like Home”. 🙂

Here’s what having dreams of flying means according to dreamscloudcom below, and let me know whether or not you experience this crazy phenomenon in your dreams before. I would love to hear about your experience. Thanks.

Interpretations Of Flying Dreams

Dreams of flying may represent high hopes; feeling that nothing can hold you down or keep you from reaching your goals, and could indicate that you are feeling in control of your life and your emotions. Usually, a sense of euphoria or freedom is felt when flying in dreams, perhaps signifying you have freed yourself of a sticky situation or have achieved a recent goal. Freud saw flying as representing sexual release.

Dreaming you are airborne may indicate you are reaching new heights or levels of achievement in your career or you may be reaching higher levels of spirituality or consciousness; may also represent attaining or reaching for your high ideals or goals in life. Read More Here.