Nicki Minaj Confirms Break-Up With Boyfriend Meek Mill!

5 Jan

Queens, NY, Rapper Nicki Minaj just confirmed what a lot of news sources has been speculating for quite some time now, and it comes as a total shocker to us because whenever rumors of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill breaking up surfaces, the couple let the story ride, then shut all rumors down.

Well, a few minutes ago the Young Money MC confirmed the two has broken up and she’s single now. She also added there’s new music on the way as well and we can look forward to hearing from her soon.

For what it’s worth at least they can say they gave love a chance, something a lot of people are so afraid of these days for whatever reason. We don’t think Nicki will be dating anytime soon if you asked us for many reasons. Being in a relationship takes a toll on you especially when you’re in the spotlight with a scope monitoring every single move you make. Both rappers are still in the prime of their careers and maybe this learning experience between the two will produce some of the finest material we’ve heard from them yet.