Jay Z, LL Cool J, Tina Turner And More Inducted Into The Rock Hall Of Fame 2021!

12 May

Congrats are in order to this years 2021 Rock Hall Of Fame Winners. It’s been a long time coming for a few on this list such as the legendary LL Cool J and Jay Z. These guys deserved this honor for the many contributions they’ve laid down in Hip Hop and entertainment culture for over 20 years plus and counting. May others that have arrived after them study their blueprint to greatness to achieve one of the highest awards you can receive in music. List of winners below.

1. Jay Z
2. LL Cool J
3. Tina Turner
4. Carole King
5. The Go-Go’s
6. Todd Rundgren
7.Foo Fighters
8. Kraftwerk
9. Gill Scott Heron
10. Billy Preston
11. Clarence Avant
12. Randy Rhoads