Why You Should Sunbathe At least 3-Hours A Day!

29 Jun

Not a fan of the heat? me neither, but here’s why you should sunbathe at least 3-hours a day even if it’s 100 degrees outside. If in-fact we all come from mother-nature/the soil of the earth, then sunbathing should be a mandatory go to medicine. The vitamin D in some of our fruits such as the orange get it’s help from the sun. All fruits look to the sun for nourishment and our body’s are no different.

When temps are unbearable for humans to navigate through, it’s because mentally we’ve been trained to think hot is a terrible thing. But just think about that banana or apple in the sweltering heat. Another thing fruit relies on is water. If you take the stem from a fruit plant and break it’s skin it gives water. This is how trees/plants survive the heat all throughout the summer. The body is no different from the plant being made of water by 60 to 70% all depending on your age, and much water you consume.

Sunbathing helps improve blood flow throughout your body and flushes toxins from the body. If your melatonin is out of wack, Sunbathing helps that too! Remember when you were playing outside in the sun as a kid, and how tired you were after you burned off some of that hyper energy? The sun was helping you more than you know.

Some will read the headline to this short article and say “3-Hours A Day”? How is that possible when studies show the average sunbathing time is 15-30 minutes? Well, who said you had to be still for a couple hours in the sun?. This is why landscapers make a lot of money because they understand the rules to working in the sun.

What can you do in the sun for 3-hours? Plenty to do! You can put your wrist watch to the test by seeing how many steps you can take in a 3-hour time frame. There’s several other activities you can do outside you just have to think of them go for it, and you’ll be fine. Thank you for reading.