Top 3 Reasons Why People Dread Going To Work!

30 Jun

What are the top 3 reasons why people dread going to work? Well, there’s many factors that goes into being unmotivated to provide a service for an employer. One of the reasons can come from overcompensating aka going above and beyond to prove to your boss you’re irreplaceable. In most cases when a employee is overcompensating he or she ends up doing work above their pay-grade and later wanting a raise or some kind of recompense for all they work they’ve done.

Reason Number One: Not Enough Sleep at Night: Working can be rewarding and at the same time you can miss out on a lot. Study shows that at least 5 out 10 workers in the US stay up late at night whether it’s to watch their favorite tv shows, sports, surfing the web or may have a bad case of insomnia. Either way when you go to work the next day your work load is double because you’re basically sleepwalking. It will be wise to get 7-hours of sleep or better in order to have a productive day at work.

Reason Number Two: Refusing To Take A Vacation: Working a 9 to 5, 365 days a year will make it seem like your job is your second home. If your job has P.T.O benefits then you should use all of it to get away from your work elements. Over working yourself can later lead to your moral being dampened, and in-turn you’ll dread coming to work.

Reason Number Three: Toxic Work Environment:  I hate to be the bearer of bad news when I tell you this but most work places has some form of toxicity in it no matter where you work. Usually the employee that becomes complacent will find themselves caught up in work politics. The employee that talks too much or too nice ends up becoming apart of the toxic work environment in which they work.

It’s better to learn from the quiet co-worker who doesn’t engage in chatter but get their work done. That’s not to say you have to be a mute on a job, but talking less and doing more will lead to you having a better work life.

Then there’s some toxic work places where you just cannot avoid the unprofessional characteristics of that company. It’s a no-brainer what to do next if you land in a spot that’s off the chain. When they made one job, they made a thousand more. So removing yourself from that overly toxic place would be in your best interest. Thanks for reading,.