Too Funny ALERT: Lord ‘Yanadameen’ Jamar & DJ Vlad Parody (Video)

21 Feb

Over the years DJ Vlad and Lord Jamar has had their fair share of interviews touching on interesting topics whether it be new or old. Now of course with Lord Jamar being Vlad’s go-to-guy when he wants raw and unbiased feedback about certain topics, you know it  could not fall on deaf comedic ears, and thus you have the “Yanadameen” parody conducted by YouTube creator Erect Pen.

Check it out below and get ready to get your giggle on a little. Note: It won’t be funny to you if you haven’t atleast checked out two or maybe three Vlad & Jamar interviews, so here’s a tip: Go watch a couple, then comeback you’ll totally get the parody.