The Internet Is Losing Their Minds Over Jill Scott’s Latest Performance (Video)

13 Nov

The internet is freaking out over Jill Scott‘s latest performance and it ain’t because vocal issues or anything like that, let’s just say she showed a side of her people are not used to visibly. What did she do? She pretended to give pleasure to a microphone in a way I won’t describe on this site because it’s too exquisite. Any backlash? Of course, look who we’re talking about in the day in age of social media.

Mrs Scott took to her Twitter handle to acknowledge her acts followed by a reality check to those who think her calibur of superstardom was doing way too much.

Well I guess Mrs Scott told the critics where the “Hell” they can go if they didn’t like her visual performance…lol Just incase Jill Scott listeners have been sleeping under a rock, the Philadelphia native has a history of selling intimate fantasies by way of her music dating back to her debut album Who Is Jill Scott and several others.

So I raise the million dollar question of the day: What’s the difference between hearing it and it feeding your nasty minds VS seeing it in person? No further questions your honor. Photo: Getty Images