Colin Kaepernick Willing To Stand During National Anthem If Hired Again?

8 Oct

Former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Rand Kaepernick took the social political world by storm back in 2016 when he decided to a knee during the singing of the national anthem. His reasoning for kneeling was for police brutality among other things that affected us as Afro American people in the USA.

Since then, the 29-year old athlete has been jobless with many suggesting the obvious that he’s been black-balled because his political stance. Today we’re hearing reports that Kaepernick is willing to stand during the national anthem if he gets the chance to be on a NFL team again.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Kaepernick has been devoting much of his time to keeping in shape in case a team signs him, working out 6+ hours a day. the QB also told La Confora he is not quitting on football and will work out any time and place for a team just to get another opportunity. Read more.

If a team decides to have Kaepernick on their team he will go down in black history for his courageous stance on issues black american’s face in this country. Off the field he’s made a huge impact you don’t read about everyday but he has made huge contributions to his people. Check out the video below.

UPDATE:Jason La Canfora clears the air on misinformation about Colin Kaepernick standing.